Execution In The Law

Motor Vehicle Driver
The use of motorized vehicles is regulated in Law No
of 2009 concerning Road Traffic and Transportation. In this Law
regulated regarding the Subject or Driver of a Motorized Vehicle. Driver
is a person who drives a motorized vehicle on a road that has been
have a driver's license in. Article 77 paragraph 1 of Law Number. 22 years
2009 Reads: Everyone who drives a Motorized Vehicle on the Road
must have a driving license in accordance with the type of motorized vehicle
driven. In this article it is clearly regulated. That someone who Drives
motorized vehicles must be equipped with a driver's license, itself is proof
Administrative Registration and Identification granted by the Republican Police
Indonesia (Polri) to someone who has fulfilled the administrative requirements,
physically and mentally healthy, as well as understanding traffic rules and skilled
driving a motorized vehicle.

Everyone who drives a motorized vehicle on the road must have
SIM in accordance with the type of motorized vehicle he is driving. Vehicle SIM
Motorized itself is divided into two parts, namely a motorized vehicle license
individual and public. The classification of SIMs for individuals is regulated in
Article 80 of Law Number. 22 of 2009 SIM A is valid for
driving passenger cars and personal goods by weight